Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Global Trends for Tour and Travel

India is looking forward to a $ 36.5 Billion travel market by 2020.  In case of such rise of economy which India looks at, there are multiple probabilities of growth for travel related companies to grow, prosper and multiply. There is also an exclusive dot com boom which is a new phenomenon in the current market. Different companies from across the globe are venturing into the business with enormous funding other mega investments. If you happen to see the Investment Plans of these companies, you can easily find that the companies are aiming high to capture upon the retail segments roughly disbursed across the country. The government is also considering the FDI in aviation sector with utter seriousness. The FDI will open the gateway to foreign companies to invest in the domestic aviation segment in India. Once these companies are invited to operate the business in India, there will be rise of several other aviation companies. This will therefore open up opportunities for general customers or India. The domestic carriers will increase immensely with the number of flight operation increasing immensely. In the event when there are numerous operative flights from different locations, the rates of these flights will automatically reduce. Considering this fact, there will be sudden rise in the air travelers due to reduced cost. The travelers of even tier 2 and tier 3 cities have also acknowledged the utilization and value of time in respect to money. Hence it is presumed that the business will grow immensely. The prime beneficiary of this will be the Airlines & the secondary will be the service providers and travel agents related to the same. 

The dot com companies which are flagging their travel sites high will benefit immensely, thus promoting “Travel Website Development Company” and Travel Website Designing India. 

There comes a portfolio of other travel business integrated with the above mentioned solutions. For example Hotel Booking Engine forms another major part of the business. It is considered that the traveler who is booking an airline return ticket with minimum one night’s stay, might also require a hotel. Considering the fact, hotel can be sold along with the flight ticket to the same customer. Thus Hotel makes an integral part of the portfolio selling the services.   

Another offering by some “Travel Website Design Delhi”, are BUS and CAR engines. Collectively they can coffer BUS and CAR engines all together. Using the BUS booking engine the service providers can provide a destination based pick and drop. The same goes for a CAR booking engine, where an exclusive arrangement for the CAB can be done to pick up a traveler from one location and drop at their desired location. All these services add to the primary business model of selling tickets.

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